Application for LEK exam help, SMK procedures

  • Creating an account in SMK

    The first thing you must do is to visit a website (THE WEBSITE IS IN POLISH ONLY) and click “Załóż konto” (Create an account).

    You can also type “smk” in google and choose the first website that appears. 

    SMK is
    THE ONLY WEBSITE you can apply to all medical exams (LEK/LDEK) since the Autumn 2017 session.

    smk (1)

    Filling the personal details

    After clicking “Załóż konto” (Create an account), the first view that appears on the screen is the personal data form. You must fill all the obligatory fields, as on an image. 

    To choose the birth date correctly, it is suggested to click the calendar icon and choose the correct value, or choose any value and then correct it keeping the correct structure.

    smk (2)

    Filling the home address

    Below the personal details, you can find the fields with the home address. After filling the fields below the heading, you can click “Jak miejsce zamieszkania” (as the home address), so your post address would fill automaticly. 

    Below that, you should fill your phone number (telefon) and your email address (email). The field “Opcjonalny identyfikator P2” (Optional P2 id) can be left blank.

    smk (3)

    EULA agreement

    You must check both checkboxes to agree on the rules of SMK account creation. Next, you should press “Złóż wniosek o założenie konta” (Submit an application for an account creation).

    smk (4)


    After clicking “Złóż wniosek o założenie konta” (Submit an application for an account creation), there will be a feedback from the system, informing that the account creation has been succeeded.

    You should now check your mailbox, where you should receive a message with a password. If the email has not arrived, check your SPAM box.

    smk (5)

    Logging in to SMK

    After receiving a message to your mailbox, you can now log in to SMK. On the website you should click “Zaloguj w P2” (Log in to P2).

    smk (6)

    How to log in to SMK system

    In the next view, it is best to click “Login/Hasło” (Login/Password), to avoid the unpleasant suprises that might occur, as the SMK system has many bugs.

    smk (7)

    Authorisation in SMK

    In the next view you should provide the authorisation data. Login is simply your email address, that you typed during registration process. Password is in the message you received on your mailbox.

    smk (8)

    New application for the LEK exam

    After logging in to the system, there are two options visible: “Mój profil” (My profile) and “Wnioski o modyfikację uprawnień” (Permission modification applications). You should choose the second icon. After clicking “Nowy wniosek o modyfikację uprawnień” (New permission modification application), you should fill the missing details. In the field “Grupa biznesowa” (Business group) you should choose “lekarz / lekarz dentysta” (physician / dentist), and in the field “grupa funkcjonalna” (functional group), choose “użytkownik” (user). After filling all the required details, you must contact OIL (proper doctor’s chamber) in order to confirm your identity and qualification.

    After confirming your account by a doctor’s chamber, you should log in to your account and click “Nowy wniosek o egzamin zawodowy” (New professional exam application). 

    smk (9)

    Choice of examination session

    In the nex view, you should choose the examination session, you would like to sit on the exam.

    smk (10)

    Details rewritten automatically

    Your personal detalis will be rewritten from the data you provided during the account creation.

    smk (11)

    Home address rewritten automatically

    Also your home and post address will be rewritten and you don’t have to type them again.

    smk (12)

    Obligatory fields

    Below, there are obligatory fields like “Numer dyplomu” (Diploma number), “Data wydania dyplomu” (Date of diploma issue). Date of diploma issue is the latest date you can see on diploma.

    “Numer PWZ” (Professional licence number) and “numer rejestracyjny w Izbie Lekarskiej” (Doctor’s chamber registration number) are not obligatory fields.  

    smk (13)

    University details

    University details are obligatory fields. After filling the open fields and choosing the university from the list, click “Wybierz” (Choose).

    smk (14)

    University choice

    Among the visible Universities, you must choose yours by clicking on the right side of the page the mark > and then click “Wybierz” (Choose).

    smk (15)

    Type of exam

    In the next view, you should type the prefered place of exam, which means, the city you will go to sit on exam. You should pay a special attention to this field, as it is NOT OBLIGATORY but yet VERY IMPORTANT. Yes it is a bug, that SMK programmers must correct, and maybe as you read it, it is fixed already, but maybe not, you shouldn’t take that risk and type carefully the city of your exam. Remember that it is prefered place and you can’t be certain that you will sit on your exam in the chosen city, but there is a great chance, that you would.

    The next thing you should choose is the type of exam LEK (Medical Final Examination), or LDEK (Medical-Dental Final Examination), and then the language of exam and the ammount of how many times did you register for exam.

    Field “Samorząd” (Autonomy) is not obligatory and in most cases you should skip it. 

    smk (17)

    Saving your application

    After clicking “Zapisz” (Save), the application will be saved in the system, or there will be and information about your mistakes you must correct.

    smk (18)

    Viewing the list of applications

    Next, you should click “Lista wniosków o egzamin zawodowy” (List of applications to professional exam), so you could make the next steps in your registration.

    smk (19)

    Choosing your application

    The next step is to choose your application clicking mark > and next choosing “Szczegóły” (Details).

    smk (20)

    Sending your application to CEM

    After checking all your details, if everything is correct, you should click “Wyślij” (Send). After this operation, you will NOT be able to EDIT your application anymore, so you should be very careful and think twice if this is the right moment, and certainly ALL THE DETAILS ARE CORRECT.

    smk (21)

    Mission complete!

    After sending your application, the information about success will be provided, togrther with the INDIVIDUAL bank account number, you must pay for the exam. Remember that the account number is individual, so don’t give it to anyone and don’t take it from anyone. After paying the exam fee, the entire process is complete.

    You can monitor your application status on the SMK website. If the status is “Opłacony Dopuszczony” (Paid Approved) or “Opłacony Dopuszczony – wniosek w CEM” (Paid Approved – application in CEM) then the entire procedure is fully complete and you should now only wait for the notification, that will come to you about 2 weeks before the exam. Congratulations and good luck on the exam!

    smk (22)